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Livelo has the perfect bike for you for this year's MS Gong Ride.

The Infinito CV is Bianchi's range-topping endurance bike, featuring Bianchi's patented CV damping technology, which reduces feedback from the road and with it, rider fatigue. 

A professional racing frame, proven in the northern classics in Europe, the Infinito CV strikes a perfect balance between performance and comfort. The most versatile Bianchi model, the Infinito CV has been developed to meet the demands of cycling in the greatest range of conditions, from the cobbles of Paris Roubaix to the mud of the Belgium winter. 

All of these features promise more rider comfort and less fatigue. Your last mile will be as enjoyable as your first on the Infinito CV on even the most epic rides and on the most challenging roads.


successful Gong Ride is all about preparation. While you can work on your general fitness in the lead up to the Gong ride there is no substitute for building up the number of km's you ride. This not only ensures your legs and lungs are ready for the task ahead but just as importantly your bum is also tunned up for a full day in the saddle and your bike handling skills are also where they need to be. 

Gong Weekend Deal

Collect your Bianchi Infinito CV on the Friday 2 November and return in on Monday the 5th. $240

Two Weekend Deal

Our Two Weekend Deal gives you just that. A full weekend rental in the leadup to the Gong Ride and the weekend of the Gong Ride. It's the perfect preparation and great value at $350. 

Book Now to guarantee your bike at this great price for the MS Gong Ride. We will contact you to arrange the date for your rental weekend in the lead up to the event. 

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