Road Bike Hire San Jose


San Jose is a large city in Northern California with has an abundance of excellent locations to cycle through. If you are interested in technology, San Jose is surrounded by Silicon Valley, giving you a perfect opportunity to explore the area. Cycle around Apple Park and see the beautiful campus at Stanford University. You can also venture around Mt. Hamilton and see the Lick Observatory. If you are interested in riding more trails, cycle your way around the Guadalupe River Park. San Jose has plenty to explore no matter what your interests are, and has opportunities for cyclists of all skill levels.

We hire quality bikes from Bianchi, a premium Italian bicycle manufacturer. The Bianchi Infinito CV is a premium quality bicycle that captures the perfect balance between an all-day endurance frame and straight out racing geometry. Livelo is also offering 3 guided tours, a 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour tour. Each tour will be personalized and modified to the physical shape, endurance, and skill level of the guest so the duration and route of the tour may vary. 

San Jose has a warm climate with warm temperatures in spring, summer and autumn, and cooler temperatures during the winter. This means that you can bike in San Jose year round. Cycling in San Jose gives you the opportunity to explore the iconic technological district, Silicon Valley. If you've ever had the desire to see the headquarters for companies like Apple, here is your chance. If you would rather explore parks and trails, San Jose has plenty. Near the center of San Jose is the Guadalupe River Park, which you can tour via the biking trails that take you around the park. From here you can travel to Mt. Hamilton, Apple Park, the Lick Observatory and more. These locations are breathtaking and give you beautiful views year round.

Livelo is San Jose's premium road bicycle rental service.  The rental includes all accessories (pedals, helmets, spares) and we offer a range of delivery options. The bike will be set up to your specific measurements. A Garmin GPS can also be booked with a selection of the cities best routes.

San Jose is an essential city to visit, which is best enjoyed on two wheels. The opportunities and destinations are endless in San Jose and Livelo is here to ensure you make the most of your time in and around the city.

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