Corporate Membership - The Grand Tour

Corporate Membership - The Grand Tour

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The Grand Tour - Corporate Membership

The Classic Membership includes $2,000 plus value of Livelo services per month and exclusive access to the following benefits.  

If you wish to purchase a 12-month membership at $1,800 per month please click here. 

Once your membership has been purchased we will forward details for adding your delegated staff members to your membership account. 

Centralised Company Account 

Your Livelo Corporate Membership is centralised corporate account. Your company pays the monthly membership and approves which staff have access to the membership.

Rentals Per Month 

Estimate of the number of rental days per month. Depending on the cities you are visiting and if your rentals are single or multi-day rentals. A typical corporate rental booking is for a 2-day duration. 

Livelo Concierge

Travelling to a location that is not yet serviced by Livelo? We will still arrange a bike for you. Just tell when and where you are travelling and Livelo will organise a bike and ride for you.

Group Rides

Livelo will arrange for you to join a group ride in the city you are travelling to. 

Custom Routes

We design custom cycling routes (on Strava or Garmin) that depart from your hotel to your preferred destination. Not sure where to ride, Livelo can provide you with the best local advice on routes, terrain, road conditions, photo-ops, coffee stops and more.

Personal Cycling Locker

If you are a regular traveller to a city you may wish to leave some of your personal equipment with Livelo (helmet, shoes, etc). Your items will be delivered to your hotel with your bike. 

Express Booking Process

Once you are signed up with a Corporate Membership you can book your Livelo bike via our exclusive members only app. Just tell us your location and your start and finish dates and you are done. That's all we need to know. 

Livelo for Business

Would you like to 'network ride' with a member of a specific company?

Or maybe you would you like to provide a member of a particular company with a Livelo gift voucher and take them out for a ride when they are next in your city?

Livelo knows who the executive riders are in 1000's of companies and can do the (subtle) matchmaking for you. That's Livelo for Business.

Guided Rides

If you are riding in a city for the first time a Livelo Guide can ride with you to show you the best routes (and spots to avoid) and hot post ride coffee stops. The route will be tailored to your needs to ensure you have a great route to enjoy on your next visit.

Equipment Insurance

Your bike is insured again theft or significant damage with a Monument or Grand Tour membership. 

Rain Check

If the weather makes it impossible to ride outside, Livelo will supply your bike with a Wahoo KICKR SNAP turbo trainer and training mat. Download the Zwift IOS or Android APP and the horrors of hotel those gym bikes are behind you.

Staff Cycling Club

Livelo will establish and maintain your staff cycling club. This is the bike club that introduces, supports and motivates cyclists of all shapes and sizes across you entire company team. Providing motivation and a sense of community to maximise the environmental and health benefits that cycling can bring to you company

  • Company Cycling Club App - exclusive to your company

  • Bike education, training, advice, offers and motivation

  • Ride to work assistance programs

  • Cycling teamwork sessions