Western Sydney 70.3 Ironman - High Performance Bike Rental

Western Sydney 70.3 Ironman - High Performance Bike Rental

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Exclusive for November 23-26.

Race the 2018 70.3 Iron Man on a high-performance Italian road bike from Livelo.

Collect your Bianchi Infinito CV on the Friday 23 November and return in on Monday the 26th. 

Your rental includes your choice of pedals, a high-quality helmet and saddlebag containing a spare tube, lever, Co2 and a multitool.

 The Infinito CV is Bianchi's range-topping endurance bike, featuring Bianchi's patented CV damping technology, which reduces feedback from the road and with it, rider fatigue. 

A professional racing frame, proven in the northern classics in Europe, the Infinito CV strikes a perfect balance between performance and comfort on a long course. 

All of these features promise more rider comfort and less fatigue. Your last mile will be as enjoyable as your first on the Infinito CV on even the most epic rides and on the most challenging roads.