How does it work?

Traveling & Cycling Made Easy

Livelo makes it easy to enjoy a great ride on a high-quality road bike when you are traveling. 

  • Livelo supplies all the equipment and accessories you need.
  • Book your bike directly on our website or App. 
  • Livelo will deliver your bike to your hotel concierge the evening prior to your ride.
  • When you are finished with your bike return it to the hotel concierge team.
  • Livelo provides extensive information on the best rides in each city.
  • Livelo can arrange a local guide to ride with you, making your riding experience as easy as possible.
  • We can also help you join a free group-ride based on your experience level.

    How to Place a Booking 

    Please note, the only way to reserve a bike is to place a booking. All bookings are place on this website. We cannot accept payment in person.

    We have a small fleet of high quality road bikes in each city. If you know you want a bike and don't want to miss out, please book asap to avoid disappointment. 

      1. Create or edit your Rider Profile. Select your accessories etc.
      2. Select your location.
      3. Select your bike. 
      4. Select your size.
      5. Select your start date (the first day you want to ride - we deliver the night before).
      6. Select your finish date (the last day you want to ride).
      7. Note - if you are booking a 1 day rental, your Start Date and Finish Date will be the same.
      8. You will be taken to our Shopping Cart. If you wish to add another item (another bike, guided tour, Garmin GPS etc) click on CONTINUE SHOPPING.
      9. Nominate the correct delivery option. 
      10. Finalise your booking via credit card.
      A Livelo staff member will contact you to confirm the details of your booking and answer any questions you may have.